Dom Paul Benoit, O.S.B. (1893-1979)

Dom Paul Benoit, O.S.B. was an organist, composer, and Roman Catholic priest, who lived as a member of the Benedictine community at the Abbey of St. Maurice et St. Maur, at Clervaux, in Luxembourg.  Dom Paul Benoit's compositions never leave the realm of tonality, albeit often modal.  His works frequently draw from the melodies of Gregorian chant, making them easily palatable by all ears.  Dom Paul acknowledged the influence of the French impressionist works of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel upon his organ compositions.  As a result, Dom Paul's works are some what unique for the organ in bearing a pervasive imprint of impressionism.  The large body of French romantic and contemporary organ literature comprises a well known collection of repertoire for the instrument.  Yet far more meager is the list of organ compositions that can lay claim to the subtlety or transcendence of the impressionists. Dom Paul Benoit's organ compositions, in addition to being excellent liturgical music, form a unique and worthy contribution to the body of literature for the instrument.  Dom Paul Benoit is pictured at the Abbey's three manual 1907 Cavaillé-Coll.

"His published scores do not even represent half of his production" ...liner notes from the recording by Carlo Hommel  "NATIVITÉ  ET  PACQUES  à l´abbaye de Clervaux, Dom Paul Benoît (1893-1979),  L´œuvre complète pour orgue".


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