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Dom Paul Benoit On-Line

The disappearance of readily accessible widely distributed published collections of Dom Paul's organ compositions has prompted the creation of this web page. Current internet searches on Dom Paul Benoit's name may return a single CD and possibly a collection of shorter pieces. The Abbey at Clervaux does not yet have an internet site through which the scores might be purchased.  Amidst all of this, a mild concern is warranted that this unique body of work could fade into obscurity.

Dom Paul Benoit's collections of liturgical organ compositions were widely used by organists playing for both Roman Catholic Masses and worship services of many other faiths during the mid twentieth century.  Several of these collections were readily available in the United States from the publisher J.Fischer & Bro.  This publisher no longer in existence, only two of the J. Fischer & Bro. collections survive in the current Warner catalogue:  "Fifty Elevations (On Modal Themes) for Organ" and the "Sixty Devotional Pieces for Organ on Modal Themes".  Dom Paul also composed the music of the hymn "Where Charity and Love Prevail";  originally with the "Ubi Caritas" text, it was later rendered in its present English text by Omer Westendorf  (World Library Publications).  Born on December 9, 1893,  he lived almost 86 years, dying in 1979.  The sketch at right is a likeness of Dom Paul in his later years.

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