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On-Line Availability

Two editions of Dom Paul Benoit's organ compositions listed below can be purchased online at 

The two Editions published by Warner are (same as the 2 CPP/Belwin editions from the "comlete list" ):

1.  50 Elevations (On Modal Themes) Organ. Warner Brothers. (FE08323) $9.95

2.  60 Devotional Pieces for organ on Modal Themes. Warner Brothers. (FE09185) $10.00

Note: The following 5 Combre ( 8 Consortium Musicale ) and 1 World Library editions are listed in the online catalogue but do not seem to be available through this source.   As of February 2001  Editions Combre (Consortium Musical) reported all of the Combre / Consortium editions listed below as "Temporarily Out of Print" to SheetMusicPlus;  but, remain in Editions Combre's catalogue.  Combre was reported to be moving their warehousing and reorganizing their distribution.  Note:  these compositions are available in the editions listed on the previous "Compositions and Ordering" page through MUSEK WOLFE in Luxembourg City and the Librairie Art Sacré at the Abbaye Saint-Maurice et Saint-Maur at Clervaux.

        5 editions published by Combre (the same 5 Combre editions from the "complete list"):

7 Pieces Pour Harmonium Ou Orgue.  Editions Combre (French import). (P02798) $5.19
Deux Fantaisies Pour Orgue.   Editions Combre (French import). (C05491)  $6.68
Diptyque.  Editions Combre (French import). (P02525)  $5.61
Elevations - Orgue - 1ofascicule - 6 Elevations.  Editions Combre (French import). (C05552)  $6.68
Elevations - Orgue - 2ofascicule - 6 Elevations.  Editions Combre (French import). (P02881)   $5.61

        8 Editions published by Consortium Musical (appears to be the same material as the Combre editions above):

2 Fantaisies.  Consortium Musical. (513000670)  $10.00
2 Fantaisies.  Consortium Musical. (513015060)   $14.95
7 Pieces-Harmonium Or Organ.  Consortium Musical. (513014830)   $11.95
Diptyque.  Consortium Musical. (513015070)    $12.95
Diptyque. Consortium Musical. (513000660)    $22.25
Elevations Pour La Messe.  Consortium Musical. (513009870)   $11.95
Elevations-Organ-1St Fascicule-6.  Consortium Musical. (513015080) $14.95
Elevations-Organ-2Nd Fascicule-6.  Consortium Musical. (513015090)   $12.95

       1 octavo published by World Library:

Where Charity and Love Prevail (music: Benoit; text: "Ubi Caritas"; trans. by Omer Westendorf). Arranged for keyboard. (SATB Choir). Octavo. Published by World Library Publications. (001135) includes five original copies of this piece. $6.30

Use the window below to order from "Sheet Music Plus":
Make sure "Composer" is selected in the top field.  Next type only "benoit" in the bottom field.  Then click on the "Find it !" button.  You will be taken to the "Sheet Music Plus" website. A list of about 32 selections will be displayed ranging from the contemporary composer David Benoit to Dom Paul Benoit (named variously as Dom Paul Benoit, Benoit D., and Benoit, D.p.).  You will be able to click on items to put in your shopping cart.  After each selection click on "Back" to return and select the next item.  You can charge your order to your credit card over a secure connection and they will ship world wide - as long as you can read and type in English.  They accept: Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, EuroCard, Discover, JCP, and personal check.  Tip: If you are more specific than "benoit" you will not get all of his works, as his name is not consistently rendered the same from one entry to the next.

Legal Stuff:,, or Daryel Nance can not in any way be held responsible, nor held liable in any fashion, for incorrect information, or for any failure on the part of "Sheet Music Plus" to supply purchased goods or services.  The access to "Sheet Music Plus" is provided here for your convenience in obtaining the scores of compositions by Dom Paul Benoit, or any composer.  NOTE: There are apparent duplications among the compositions listed above and a wide range of different delivery lead times quoted for the various publishers.


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