St.Vincent's Rieger Pipe Organ

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The instrument is a three manual / thirty-four stop / fifty-four rank pipe organ, built by Rieger of Schwartzach Austria, installed in 1974.  Pictured are the Hauptwerke (center), divided pedal towers with flamed copper facade principals (right and left), schwellewerke behind the wooden grill (center), and an oberpositiv behind the mounted cornet (center top).   The setter / stop knob action is mechanical and is connected to an electric stop action. The specification was drawn up by Klaus-Christhart Kratzenstein and Rieger.  Architectural design by Josef von Glatter-Gotz and voicing by Klaus F. Knoth of Rieger.  The maintenance is performed by Pieter Visser and Associates of Houston.

Pipe Specification:

Swellewerke (Manual III) 11 stops / 15 ranks

8'          Salicional
8'          Rohrflote
4'          Principal
4'          Koppelflote
2 2/3'    Nasat
2'          Blockflote
1 3/5'    Terz
5f          Mixtur (2')
16'        Dulcian
8'          Trompete
8'          Vox Humana

Hauptwerke (Manual II) 9 stops / 18 ranks

16'    Pommer
8'    Principal (facade)
8'    Spitzflote
4'    Octave
4'    Hohlflote
2'    Superoctav
5f    Cornet - to tenor "G"
6f    Mixtur (1 1/3')
8'    Trompete

Oberpositive  (Manual I) 6 stops / 9 ranks

8'           Holzgedackt
4'           Holzrohrflote
2'           Principal
1 1/3'     Quinte
4f           Scharf (1')
8'           Krummhorn

Pedal     8 stops / 12 ranks

16'         Principal (copper facade)
8'           Subbass
8'           Octave
8'           Gedackt
4'           Choralbass
5f           Hintersatz (2 2/3')
16'         Posaune
4'           Schalmei


III to Pedal
II to Pedal
I to Pedal
I to II



Swell expression pedal
5 general combination toe levers
6 reversible manual to pedal toe levers
"Plenum" toe lever (setable "full organ")
"Ab" toe lever ("cancel")

(For those who are interested,
the organ contains 2,617 pipes.
...yes, visitors ask us all the time.)


Pictures of console, two of hauptwerk pipes,
rollerboard trackers, oberpositiv pipes, and
Visser & Assoc. technicians during restoration.







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